- to the height of it all -

30x30: the pursuit

it has been a little over four years since i graduated from college and SO many things have happened. my life is drastically different than i ever would have imagined! and since i know just how much can be accomplished in a year, i am convinced i can cross all of these babies off by my 30th birthday. 

begin: july.22.2014
end: january.22.2018

1. obtain a masters degree in higher education.
2. treat my hair as my crown and glory: no cuts or chemicals. 
3. complete a successful spending freeze. [october 2014]
4. go on at least four hikes. [wilderness adventure]
5. complete level one of rosetta stone in another language.
6. volunteer on an organic farm through wwoof.
7. scratch three destinations off of my travel list. [china]
8. drastically reduce my carbon footprint. [reduced hair product usage - january 2015; ceased using all facial cosmetics - march 2015]
9. try something i never thought i would do.
10. participate in a culturally-specific community ritual that is new to me.
11. go bungee jumping and/or skydiving.
12. attend at least five concerts/festivals. [trillectro music festival | 95X big shindig |  music midtown | kongos, colony house, and sir sly | alt-J and tycho]     
planned: kaiser chiefs - may 2015 | bottlerock napa valley - may 2015 
13. rent a tiny house.
14. go on a coast-to-coast road trip.
15. perform on stage again.
16. downsize enough to fit all of my belongings in my car.
         august 2014: after downsizing by at least 25% with my last move, all belongings sans large furniture fit in my car. 
         next goal: capsule my wardrobe 
17. work in a bookstore/library.
18. adopt a healthy way of eating that will heal my body.
          adopted a vegan lifestyle in august 2014
          adopted an anti-candida diet in march 2015. the healing has been exponential.
19. be completely credit card debt-free.
20. take a serious videography/photography course.
21. create (and stick to!) a cleaning schedule - i'm ridiculously messy.
22. read 50 books. [bossypants]
23. participate in a naturist community activity.
24. learn how to double dutch.
25. master 10 hatha asanas.
26. go scuba diving and/or snorkeling. 
27. become a resident tourist: go on 41 outings in whatever city in which i happen to reside. [1. hahn horticulture garden  2. el rod's  3. wilderness  adventure  4. theatre 101  5. lucie monroe's & blacksburg christmas tree lighting  6. kabuki steakhouse  7. 622 north restaurant and wine lounge  8. sycamore deli  9. mellow mushroom]
28. ride in a hot air balloon.
29. live overseas for some period of time.
30. get a new piercing. [april 2015]

things that should've been included:
record regularly in a gratitude journal
          pursuing this via the 52 weeks of gratitude challenge
treat each perceived failure as a learning opportunity