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recap: trillectro music festival 2014

i will start this post with a few disclaimers:
1) trillectro was in a new space this year due to the limitations of last year's venue, so there were some growing pains;
2) it rained hard most of the day;
3) i worked 12-hour days all week and drove 4 hours to the festival (and am getting over a sinus infection), so i was extremely tired; and
4) i no longer listen to hip-hop, so i attended solely for the electronica.

i was super excited to attend trillectro for the first time last weekend, as i thought it would be a nice way to rock out with friends who would not ordinarily attend an electronica festival with me.

the rain really didn't help, but there were lots of other things that made this festival fail on so many levels.
my main issue is that even though the electronica stage was a lot smaller than the hip-hop stage (after all, trill IS listed first), i still would've liked to have heard the music. it was so quiet that i literally was able to have full-fledged conversations.

electronica is supposed to BLARE. it's supposed to make it impossible to think let alone comfortably converse with the people next to you.

it's supposed to get up inside you (gross) and cause you to involuntarily jump, fist pump, or participate in some other form of movement that can't be classified as rhythmic dancing. and no one even judges for the crazy seizure-like jerking you're doing because ELECTRONICA!

it was like they were afraid that the old lady downstairs would broom the floor and threaten to call the cops.
and then the sets for the electronica artists were like 7 minutes long! a good electronica song, much like a good go-go song can go on for like half an hour. WTH?!

i came in expecting to get crazy and instead ended up leaving early to grab some fries and pass out.
i did really enjoy sza's performance, but it just wasn't enough to salvage my shattered expectations.

i got to see my best friends.
if you look closely enough, you can see the seeds of my discontent already.

i got to hear sza live, which was pretty cool.
i got to see my parents again before starting school, although i didn't see much else besides the back of my eyelids.
i get to cross this off as one of the five concerts/festivals i want to attend on my 30x30.

in pursuit of:
attending at least five concerts/festivals


thealishanicole said...

I was soooo close to driving up there this weekend!! I hate it rained so much!

The Indie @ The Indie Byline said...

Lol it always seems to want to rain during outdoor festivals, why is that? At least you crossed something off your bucket list lol, I am slick still debating about Music Midtown for some of the reasons you mentioned above. We'll see. And SZA, let the crowd say yessssssss!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Ugh... it was the wooooooorst! Be glad you didn't waste your gas and time!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

I think it's because it's just too great of an opportunity to make a massive amount of people upset for the devil to pass up! LOL!
I am definitely going to Music Midtown, though! Come! :)

The Indie @ The Indie Byline said...

Lol I'll think about it... $125 is so much, but I might have to bite the bullet on that one, we'll see :)

Chantel -A Harvest of Blessing said...

Ooh, that's too bad that it was a bit of a let down, but time spent with friends is good, right?
Thanks for linking up with JOAT!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Definitely! Thank you!