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make a habit, break a habit link-up #3

i am so excited to be back with lauren for the third habit link-up! shout-out to raewyn and cheryn for joining us last time!
october was a much better month for me, so i am super proud of myself and excited to share my progress!

last month
make a habit: spend more wisely!
not only did i successfully complete a 21-day spending freeze (hey-oooooooo!), but i paid off one of my credit cards, revamped my debt plan and budget, and i am actually sticking to them!

break a habit: technology at bedtime.
i didn't keep my laptop completely away from my bed (i like writing my blog posts in bed), but i definitely did put it away when it was time for bed, and i slept much better this month.

this month!
make a habit: oil pull everyday!
as i mentioned in my last habit post, i tried out oil pulling this past month and the benefits have been great! i haven't been doing it regularly, but my tooth and gum sensitivity disappeared and my morning breath has been much better since i began doing it. i want to try it everyday this month!

break a habit: hitting the snooze button.
i hit the snooze button pretty much everyday because i hate breaking away from dreams and the morning in general. however, this means i am either rushing through or skipping things in my morning routine (my 5-minute face was the first to go), or i am barely making it to class on time. this needs to change!

what habits are you making and breaking this month?
link up below with lauren and i between now and november 8 at 11:55 pm.
the link-up will go live on the first monday of every month to share goals and progress!

how it works: 1) link up your post on what habits you want to make or break and progress you've made towards last month's. (link directly to your habit post! that means no homepages or unrelated posts - please and thank you!) 2) make new friends! visit at least two other Habit Makers and Breakers and give them some love! 3) include our snazzy button below or link back to your hosts in your post so other people can join in on the fun. (don't forget to follow us as well so you don't miss out on any new and exciting habit making or breaking news!)

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Kate Jordan said...

21 day spending freeze?! I don't think I could do it!

S.O.S Hair said...

I need to break up with my addiction to trash tv...RHOATL---why I can't I quit you with all your ratchet tom-foolery?!? LOL!


Kahleel said...

Great post. I really love this idea. I may have to borrow/steal it.

Cheryn Bloom said...

Ha! I am totally inspired by your successful spending freeze - that is my habit to break for November, to cut down on my insane spending! As for hitting the snooze button...daily occurrence for me, will see how you get on with this one - good luck, especially as winter sets in!

Relaxed Thairapy said...

Make: finish projects that I start. I get distracted easily.
Break: procrastination.

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

It was pretty hard, but I feel so accomplished!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

LOL!!!! It's your guilty pleasure!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

If you do, feel free to link up!!!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

It is so hard to get out of bed when it's cold outside!!!!
And the spending freeze was definitely hard, but I needed it. I am tired of being squashed with debt because of all my impulsive buys!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Great goals! If you write a post, link up! Otherwise I am going to call you out in the next one to make sure you come back with your progress! Hehehe :)

Relaxed Thairapy said...

I'mma need you to put me on blast. I have paint swatched on the bathroom walls and so need to finish that project.

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

I will definitely hold you to it!

Lauren said...

Oh man I need to quit hitting the snooze button too- it's one of my most terrible habits. Maybe next month- we'll see if I'm ready for that ;-)
When are you doing your oil pulling? At night or in the morning? I've tried it before but I've had a hard time sticking with it because of the oil texture in my mouth- plus I'm always rushed in the morning from hitting the snooze button lol.

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

The snooze thing is HAAAAARD!
And I am doing it in the morning, so as soon as I get up (now that I'm not hitting snooze!), I usually spend about 15 minutes reading blogs, newspapers, journals, etc, so that is when I pull.