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replay | charlotte: colony house & sir sly

i THOUGHT i was taking a break from concerts but ticketmaster and livenation have been making my entire life as of late, so my favorite concert buddy (BT) and i headed to charlotte for the day for a much needed break and to catch up with sir sly! they are touring with the kongos right now on a super crazy schedule.

we just canNOT get a normal picture. like ever.

BT and i love sir sly (not so much with the kongos), and we anxiously awaited the show at vgbg next door eating really good nachos, playing sorry, and drinking hard cider. it was a pretty cool place, and the food was good!

there had been a line outside of the fillmore when we arrived about 2 hours before the show, but we weren't sure why since the place barely had more than 100 people waiting when we got in. it eventually filled and we quickly realized that charlotte has a mutated water supply because EVERYONE was tall. i'm talking both men and women WELL over 5'9" and in a huge quantity. i have never seen so many tall people in one place in my life, and standing at 4'9" and 5'3", we didn't have the easiest time seeing the show despite being on a riser.

we got some drinks and chatted with the people beside us for a while - they were two parents who brought their 14-year-old daughter to see the show.
i then began to question my life choices as a 27-year-old who attends the same concerts as 14-year-olds.
shame aside, it was a great show!

"silhouettes" is their most popular song right now, and while it's really catchy, it is definitely not the best in their repertoire. the lead singer has a great voice, and it's showcased much better on other songs, like "caught me by surprise":

next up was sir sly, and they were amazing (just as they were in raleigh in september).
a guy behind me was nice enough to record the entirety of "you haunt me" so i could dance around like a woman child.
their sound is just so unique. it's got this spacey (BT calls it "other-wordly") quality that is absolutely phenomenal. my phone couldn't even begin to do it justice. that hasn't stopped me from watching it multiple times already though...

sir sly is known for "gold," which was featured in a phone or car commercial last year. it's a really great song, though my favorite right now is "easy now."

next up is alt-J and tycho in april!

been to any concerts lately? who are your favorites right now?

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