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random thoughts on blogging

i really like blogging.
i think it has opened up my world in so many ways. i have met absolutely amazing people with beautiful ideas, perspectives, and incredible talents that i could only dream of possessing. there is so much creativity in the blogosphere, and i just want to suck it all up.
and i enjoy documenting things here and having the accountability of my small audience.

but then there's the part of blogging that i hate, and that i'd hope i could avoid a little longer.
the rules.
the standards that to be "successful," you must have a professional quality photo in each of your posts, that you should write about things and places in which others are interested, that you must do these five things to increase readership.

i don't care all that much about being "successful" because above all, i created this blog to document my 30x30 and what means the most to me is the interactions between myself and my fellow bloggers and blog readers.
and so, i can't help but feel hurt that since leaving and coming back from china that the level of interaction has been nowhere near where it was before i left. it made me feel like maybe if i would've done a better job of taking pictures and posting things everyday during my trip, this wouldn't have happened.

but i didn't.
i honestly left most of the picture-taking to cefion. a lot of the time i didn't even take my phone out of my pocket because i let myself fall into everything that surrounded me. but now, as i sit to compose these posts that were supposed to be some sort of "proof" of this amazing vacation, i realize that not only are my pictures few and far between, but the quality is not even that great, and definitely not to a blogger's standards.

i'm frustrated because i feel like i have so much i want to see, do, and live, and i want to share everything in this space, but i am just not willing to stop every 10 seconds to snap a picture of it. and without pictures, there's no views, there's no comments, and there's no interaction.

i wish i could let you all have a peek into this life i am trying to create because i feel as though i have grown and seen so much, but none of it is picture-perfect enough, pinnable enough, or hashtag-worthy enough, and therefore, it isn't real in blogland.
i don't know the solution to any of this. i am stuck trying to find that balance between the real and blogging worlds, and i have to say that my real world seems like it's starting to win out.


Raine and Skye said...

Hey Britt! Sorry for going MIA on everyone in blogland. Lately I've just been blogging for myself a lot and haven't been checking in on everyone else. Your comments make my day!!

In regards to your post, I completely understand. Which is why I think I've taken a step back from making an effort to be 'successful in blogging'??? We started our blog to write about life and stuff, not so much for any bigger 'motives' lol. At some point (especially when we rejoined the blogging community in 2013), I was aiming for comments (because who doesn't like them?) but I realized that the 'high' from the comments were driving our blog to an unknown direction that wasn't 'us'. I'd rather get a comment from people who actually like what I write or have some useful input than random 'great post' comments by people who just want you to comment back or 'like' their stuff.

And why are we letting our blogs/other people's blogs dictate how enjoyable our vacations are or how meaningful our lives are? Why is it that high-res pictures from expensive cameras or 50 edited Instagram pictures tell a better story than a crappy one which captures a great moment? The superficiality in life and blogging sucks. As long as we know and share it with the people who matter the most, I should think that's good enough?!

And at this point, I'm trying to compress this comment but at the same time feeling like this whole comment doesn't make any sense anymore. Bottom line is, YOU DO YOU. Don't let blogland tell you what to do. I would totally read a post about your trip to China even if it has no pictures. Sorry for the mini essay (incidentally I'm supposed to be writing a 1000 word paper right now). :P

Madi | And So I Did said...

I'm also frustrated with this. It's so overwhelming when I sit down to write something and I let myself get sidetracked by the "Good Blogger" post. It creates so much writer's block, and it makes me feel like sharing small things aren't good enough.

On vacation, I think you made the best choice for YOU which is to soak up the new culture and enjoy yourself. It's such a hard mix of trying to get pictures that you want and want to share, and stepping out from behind the camera/computer to be involved. It's a really tricky process that I'm not good at managing.

I feel like there is so much stigma attached to blogging and that to be "successful" you have to be a big blogger, etc, but in reality if that's not what you're looking for then I think it's hard to find your place. I also feel like this has been a WEIRD season for blogging/bloggers anyway. It seems like very few people are reading, posting, commenting, etc, and it's making me even more frustrated with the process.

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thank you so much, Raine.
Do not apologize for your "essay." It was well-received, and it really touched me.
For now, I am done with blogging, but I will definitely still be over at your Spud spot to read and comment. I truly appreciate you and how supportive you have been of me long the way.
Work on your paper, and look for me in your comments!
- Britt

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thanks so much, Madi!
I have ultimately decided to step away from blogging. Being overwhelmed and disappointed about not having great pictures from an amazing vacation just felt completely idiotic. I had a great time - that's what's important. That should've always been the focus.
I will still be reading along with you, though!
Thank you for being so supportive, friend :)
- Britt

Kahleel said...

I feel the same. sometimes I question if I should continue blogging because I rarely get comments and it seems no one cares but I remember the real reason I began my blog so many years ago. I started blogging as a creative outlet for me. While it is great to have the interaction with readers and have tons of followers, I won't let it deter me from doing something I enjoy doing.
Maybe one day my blog will blow up and I'll have dozens of comments. If it happens I'll be thrilled but if only my friends read it, I'll be ok.

As someone who has done a little traveling, it can be a challenge to find the balance between living in the moment and trying to take pics for the blog. If you genuinely love photography, then focus on that passion. You will find that not everything is worth photographing. Always have your camera but shoot only the things that affect you. Practice makes perfect.

I want to hear all about your trip and see whatever photos you captured.