- to the height of it all -


... and so, it begins: the 10-day juice fast

i have approached the idea of doing a juice fast many times but i've always had excuses: juicers are a pain to clean, buying fresh produce in bulk is expensive, and i'm too lazy to go to the store everyday. plus, i was pretty sure i would die from just drinking juice. i really liked the idea, but i just knew i'd never do it.
i was making nutribullets for a time, and that was great, but then i just fell off of that (mostly because i am lazy... there's a pattern here). 

when i found out i was coming back to grad school and decided to live on campus, i knew i had to sign up for a meal plan. and that was when i discovered that there is now a jamba juice on campus.
and now i have no excuses. 
i don't have a juicer to clean (although i hate how much waste this will create even with the recyclable cups - i am going to try and get in good with one of the juicing ninjas to see if she will fill up my reusable bottle or mason jar instead), i don't have to go to the store, and it's free with my meal plan.
i know that jamba juice isn't the BEST choice, but i'm willing to at least try.

i watched fat, sick and nearly dead again and spent a good amount of late nights up reading blogs and holistic journals, watching videos, and getting inspired by success stories. i was warming up to the idea but didn't know if i would actually go for it until i devoured a whole vegan pizza last night.

i already know the detox is going to be horrible from that, but i just can't keep putting it off. i know myself, and i know i will make excuses forever.
today is the day...

... and so, it begins.

in pursuit of:
trying something i never thought i would do


Harlem said...

I have been wanting to start juicing as well, just to curb hunger during the day so I don't over eat. Why did you decide on a juice fast?
Be sure to keep us updated on how it works out

esther julee said...

I love Jamba juice! :) I've always been intrigued by the juice cleanse but never wanted to buy a juicer. I guess I have a blender.. but I dunno.. haha I feel like I have a lot of excuses too.

Harlem said...

I don't know if they are vegan, but Odwalla makes pretty good smoothies