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wash day & product reviews 1.0 | oyin handmade & bulk apothecary

whoo hooooo! wash day!
i did some research into techniques low porosity ladies utilize, and went on a product junkie binge (haven't done this in a LOOOONG time) to try to identify a line i wanted to use.

what i was looking for:
an all-inclusive product line to reduce number of shipments/waste (on ground = bonus!)
run by a natural-haired small business-owner
impeccable customer service

step 1: steamy hot oil treatment and finger detangle session
bulk apothecary 100% argan oil
1 lb for $28 | arrived in 4 days from ohio | not sure about the owner's info (update: i have located a natural-haired business owner that i will use after this oil has run out)

this argan oil is amazing! i expected it to be of a lesser quality than the organic argan oil i had been buying from amazon but i was mistaken. i applied a little less than 2 oz over my hair and used my q-redew (aka my savior) to open up my cuticles. the steam let it sink right in and i was able to finger detangle very, very easily. just like with my other argan oil, my hair was extremely soft and smooth. when i rinsed, my hair felt like it had transformed - it actually felt like "normal!"

step 2: wash, condition, and plop

oyin handmade honey wash and honey hemp conditioner
$4 each for 2oz mini | arrived in 2 days from baltimore | cool natural family!

the honey wash felt like liquid velvet. i LOVED the texture and it left my hair nice and clean and still very soft. i did feel like i had to use a lot though, because it didn't spread as easily as i thought it would considering the thin consistency.
honey hemp smelled like a mix between an orange creamsicle and bubble gum. i used almost the whole bottle to condition because i usually use quite a bit of conditioner, but i don't think i needed to. it sunk right in and left but didn't leave my hair as hydrated as i would've liked. i will have to look into more effective conditioning for lo-po ladies!
i plopped with a T-shirt for an hour.

step 3: leave-in and style

oyin handmade juices & berries, boing, and burnt sugar pomade
j&b - $14 for 8.4oz | boing - $5 for 1oz mini | burnt sugar pomade - $4 for 1oz mini

after plopping, i moisturized with j&b, sealed with the pomade, and tried to style with boing.

although all of these smelled good, i could take or leave them. juices & berries was pretty good, but the pomade was hard to spread, and boing basically gave me -1000 hold. i will admit that i didn't use it as instructed, but i definitely need a styler i can apply to air-dried hair so it won't take 400 years to dry. it ended up in a sad little bun that i eventually cowashed and defined with another product (more on that later!).

i am definitely a super fan of the argan oil steam and pre-poo and will continue that for every wash day. and though oyin handmade definitely makes quality products, this will not be my all-inclusive line.
back to the drawing board next week!

upcoming length check: december 26

in pursuit of:
treating my hair as my crown and glory


Yalanda_Meshell said...

I used to use Oyin Hair Dew...I loved it at first and then well, I don't know what. But when it was gone, I didn't feel like I had to replace it. I'm still searching for a daily moisturizer to really wow me.

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Yeah, I need to find something that provides some lasting moisture! My hair is PARCHED!