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#fitnessfriday | 6-month challenge check-in #2

happy holidays!
yesterday's Christmas festivities were just amazing for my soul (until clean-up time, because then i was mad lol!).
i stuck to 70 bites all last week (even yesterday!), and the numbers are in.

this week's stats
daily bites: 70
pounds lost since last week: 1
pounds lost overall: 8.6
pounds to go: 45
workout completed: 40-minute aerobic work out and hours of shopping, cooking, and cleaning!

what was different this past week:
*i worked out for less than an hour, but i did lots more activity than i'm used to, so i don't think that accounts for the small loss. but i honestly don't know!
*i ate a lot of red meat, and my body doesn't seem to want to digest it at all! i didn't have any the previous week, and i was very "regular." when i weighed on sunday, i was down another 3 pounds, but gained 2 after i ate steaks for the past few days, and i haven't yet "gotten rid" of them.

what i'm trying this upcoming week:
*stick with 70 bites
*back to a full hour of exercise, not including daily activities
*no more red meat for a while to see if that's the issue

how was your holiday? did you stay on track?


Michelle Manning said...

I like the idea of counting my bites but i'll never be that discipline

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

It's honestly not too hard! I find it much easier than calorie counting.

mark a. said...

that comic is awesome!