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#fitnessfriday | 6-month challenge 3-week update

two words: epic fail.

the hair:
as i mentioned on wednesday,  this has gone completely out of the window! i am concentrating on trying to find out what works for my hair again, so i will post updates on my wash day posts.

the problem:
i have actually had to make changes with my eating plan as well.  since i live on campus and have to have a meal plan, it's been really difficult to try and get a lot of quality fats in my regular diet now that i can't have dairy. moreover, the first thing that went out the window during finals was calorie counting to determine macros, and i don't think that's something i could realistically keep up, considering how i've failed at calorie counting many times before.

the solution:

since i know i can't always ensure i can get what i need to stay in ketosis on campus, i did a ton of research on portion control instead and found out about bite counting and an app called 80 bites. i played around with the app for a couple of days to see how user-friendly it was and to track my current bites.
i was clocking in at over 200 bites many days!

there's a program attached to the app, but i am far too cheap to buy it, so i literally have just been sticking to 80 bites per day. this has been incredibly successful (more so than low carb) and i can literally eat exactly what i want. last night, i went out for happy hour with my best friends and had wine and gluten-free crepes. i also had a pumpkin spice latte from panera, and a yummy meal of lamb, rice, chickpeas, and salad from an amazing food truck in rosslyn for lunch and dinner (i ended up splitting it up).
but since i was counting each bite and swallow (of a calorie-containing beverage), i still lost weight.

i think it will be much easier to change the number of bites i take to lose more weight, slow weight loss down, and to eventually maintain once i've lost all i want. i've been using it everyday, and it's really a cinch. it's a pretty good app, and honestly, i know that i just have to make things as easy for myself as i can. similar to my workout commitment, there is absolutely no excuse to not use my bite counter because it takes absolutely no time or real effort to do.

so, i recommitted to my 6-month challenge using the app and working out at least one hour per week on sunday, december 14. my challenge will end on june 14th.
i will post every friday with bites, weight loss, and work-outs.

this week's stats
daily bites: 80
pounds lost since sunday: 7.6
pounds to go: 46
workout completed: 4-mile power walk

how's your fitness journey coming along?

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Southern Girl said...

Never thought about counting bites. That's an interesting idea. I'm using an online trainer otherwise I'd be eating badly and not working out as much as I should. So far down 20 pounds since late October.

Yalanda_Meshell said...

Very interesting. I'm currently not in the state of fitness I'd like either and it's really starting to make me feel BLAH!!!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

That's awesome!
So far, I am 9 pounds down. Biting is sooooo much easier for me!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

It's never too late to start :)