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6 easy diys for natural, vegan, and gluten-free products

since developing a milk and wheat allergy, i am always on the hunt for vegan and gluten-free products to ensure i don't take chances with suffering from a reaction.

while surfing on etsy, i came across just the goods, which is this amazing mecca of vegan handmade products. sadly, she ships from canada and the cost was too high to justify the purchases. and that's when i decided to go ahead and make my own!

i am transitioning away from commercial products with the intention of starting 2017 using all homemade products for myself and my home. it's a transition because i am on a serious budget and i can't bring it to myself to get rid of absolutely everything in order to start from scratch! so for now and the rest of 2014, i am focused on hair and skin products.

here are the products i've begun using that i think are pretty simple to make!

          note: i use bentonite clay instead of rhassoul, water instead of aloe, and jojoba instead of the oils in the vid. basically, i just used the measurements...

          note: i'm using #2!


face and body wash
          note: leave out the honey for a vegan product - it still works well!

body spray
          note: i used raspberry extract instead of vanilla and a mix of sweet orange and peppermint EOs for mine!

dusting powder
          note: i used 100% arrowroot powder!

i'm using avocado oil as my conditioner, coconut oil as my "lotion," and argan oil as my facial moisturizer. the next products i tackle will be a super thick moisturizer for the freezing winter weather, a protein treatment (i plan on trying bragg's aminos mixed with kombucha for the time being) and toothpaste/powder (i am currently using now solutions xyli-white).

what are some of your favorite diys? any experience making natural products?

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Niki Caron said...

Thanks for sharing these! I love a good DIY! :)

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Same here! :)