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#fitnessfriday | this week's weigh-in

i am super excited to share my progress for the week! if it seems like i am only posting hair and fitness stuff, you're correct. i'm still getting my china posts together! #soonandverysoon

anywho, i met and surpassed my dietbet game goal (156.9 by april 8) and i am 22.4 lbs down since i began my anti-candida journey on march 1!

beyond weight loss, my body is actually feeling like it's starting to like me. i haven't gotten sick despite the disrespectfully drastic weather changes, which ALWAYS made me sick in the past. my bloating has decreased immensely and i feel much, much lighter. my feet also feel much better, and i can finally stand to be barefoot for around 30 minutes before the pain comes. i can breathe much better, and i am less winded when i take the stairs.

in pairing the diet with weigh down/intuitive eating principles (and now intermittent fasting! more on that later), i finally feel in control of my eating. even though the diet is really hard, i will eventually be able to reintroduce some old foods back. if i get the go from my doctor, i can start on april 15!

i also randomly took this quiz and a few others to verify, and i found out i am mostly mesomorphic (62%) and less endomorphic than i thought (38%). i always thought i was an endomorph based upon pictures, but i've actually been reading the descriptions for and viewing pictures of fit mesomorphs. both have been spot on for me when i'm in shape with the exception of a few characteristics i possess that are definitely endomorphic. the workout plan for promoting lean muscle mass for mesomorphs includes light cardio, yoga, and regular resistance training, which is absolutely perfect for me!

so my goal from now until the end of april is to walk 30 minutes in my fat-burning zone once per week; i will increase it to twice in may. this doesn't seem like much, but i haven't done any real exercise since my injury, so i want to ease into it.
slow and steady!

in pursuit of:
adopting a healthy way of eating that will heal my body

how is your journey coming along?

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curleedst said...

Congratulations on smashing through your weight-loss goals. That quiz is very enlightening isn't it? I found it extremely helpful. Keep up the great work and will keep you posted on our DietBet competition soon! Cheers!

jillconyers said...

WTG surpassing your dietbet goal! I love your In pursuit of statement.

Have an awesome weekend Britt and thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday :)

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thank you! And yes, the quiz definitely changed my perspective, and I'm happy I took it. I'm especially happy that everything they suggest in terms of workouts are things I actually enjoy. That's a major motivator for me :)
And definitely let me know about your DB!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thank you, Jill!

Kahleel said...

Congrats! that's so awesome. keep up the great work you've been doing.

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thanks, Kahleel!