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photo dump | minneapolis, minnesota

 i went to minnesota with a few of my students two weeks ago for a conference, and i was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the city is!

the weather, though?

1 degree.
ONE degree.
how is that a thing?
and that was on one of the WARMER days!
it was -20 when we arrived, and it felt like i was being punished for some mistake i made in my past life.

we bundled up and braved the city (though there were lots of skywalk things that connected buildings which kept us warm and made us feel like hamsters) and went to see the creators of cyanide and happiness at the century theater (if you haven't heard of it and you like ridiculous humor, thank me later)...

... and we played around in the mall of america (which is humungous and full of roller coaster rides that made me squeal with happiness).

the food was REALLY good...

... and we got to see some cool acts like matt nathanson and make new friends (who only want your picture for some weird human scavenger hunt thing).
we almost missed the tram thingy, but had wayyyyyy too much fun for public transportation...

... and when we finally got used to the tundra that is minneapolis, we went out for a few hurried minutes to enjoy its beauty.

minneapolis is a pretty cool place with lots of nice people, and though it was REALLY cold, it made coming back to blacksburg's ridiculous weather feel like child's play. i count that as a win.

ever been to minneapolis or minnesota?


Rachel G said...

Sounds like a great trip! We went to MInneapolis on vacation in 2012--I loved the Mall of America!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

It was pretty fun! I got on all the rides! :D