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lent | fasting for finances

i was never required to participate in lent growing up, but i was always really intrigued by the act of turning attention away from materialistic things, vices, or other luxuries and placing it back on God.
i don't participate every year, but i've decided that this year will be the one where i remove my focus from impulsive spending.

i am pretty spontaneous by nature, and that is something i do value about my personality, but i also tend to be irresponsible with my spending because of it. i tend to spend most of my money on spontaneous travel trips or concerts (and the associated costs for food, accommodations, and transportation), and i spend a lot of time thinking about my next move and what i will need to buy because of it.

at the start of lent two days ago, i committed to spend less time (and money!) on things that i have not budgeted, and to transfer that to prayer and repentance. i have completely cut off any un-budgeted spending.

i have already begun integrating more prayer into my daily life via weigh down, and i am hoping to continue and be more obedient with my finances!

are you participating in lent this year?

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