- to the height of it all -


back to your regularly scheduled program...

so, i know what you're thinking.

she's just one of those losers who can't even keep her resolutions through january.

#nowillpower #youcouldntfollowthroughevenifyouwerebeingled 

i promise that is not the case. i still care very much about being better around here.
unfortunately, i had some family health issues arise right before i came back to school (praise God that they are mostly resolved now!). and then the semester started and i had to get reacclimatized to books and work.
needless to say, i wasn't thinking much about the blog.

i DO have some new updates, though, like...
+ my new glasses aka when having eyes that are too perfect is actually a thing
+ my new fitness journey
+ my new hair challenge

but since i should've gone to bed a few hours ago, i will be posting these things over the next week or so.

and so, i will leave you with this to distract you from my unannounced absence!

sigh... the 90's.


mark a. said...

those video game images are definitely distracting! :)

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Mission accomplished :)