- to the height of it all -


5 things

i seriously fractured my foot running, and honestly, i am just done with trying to make myself into a runner. i wanted a challenge, but every time i've tried i've ended up injuring myself in some capacity. i'm just coming to terms with that, and i will challenge myself to something with which i really struggle but enjoy: hiking.
i've been hiking before but i have to stop very often on the way to the top because i get tired so easily. but i love the reward at the end of being able to bask in the beauty of an amazing mountain view. since i am in the appalachians, i am in the perfect place to work on building my strength and stamina. i will be changing my 30x30 to reflect this.

i am back to paying monthly tithes, and i feel really happy about being obedient.

i considered doing nanowrimo with madi, but i realized i just wouldn't have the time this month with the assignments i have been given. i am cheering her and anyone else who does this on, and i am hoping i can do it next november!

my favorite read from last week.

i am a near-daily red wine drinker, so i joined the vinesse wine club about a month ago. i have to say that i am very impressed so far. i've only tried 3 of the 6 wines that came in the box, but i absolutely loved all of them. i usually like my wine super duper dry, but i definitely enjoyed the smoother montepulciano d'abbruzo and gracenote pinot noir, especially since my mouth is already dry from the cold!


Raine and Skye said...

Oh no, hope your foot gets better quickly !
I know what you mean about timing and assignments -_- I thought about joining too but I'm just so busy with school D:

Btw, I probably missed your announcement way back but are you back in school doing your masters?

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thank you! I hope so, too :-/
And yep, I totally understand. Way too busy. And I am getting my MAEd :)