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#fitnessfriday | 6-month locks and low carb challenge

i hope everyone had an AMAAAAAZING thanksgiving! i definitely did. we had a huge gathering of family and friends in atlanta. we cooked, played games, and almost EVERYONE helped clean up! now you know that's a blessing!

as i mentioned in this post, my goal for the next six months is consistency with both my way of eating and my hair regimen! december 1 - june 1 is the timeframe, and i am excited to get this going!
feel free to join in with any kind of challenge you want -- i will happily support you!

hair regimen
consistent wash day regimen (specifics coming next wednesday!)
i will trim my ends at least once per season
i will keep my hair up when i need to wear my coat until i get inside

starting length: around mbl
last time i straightened (on the equinox), my "V" ends were there, but not the bulk.

what i want to remedy:
dry ends
tangles at the nape
dry roots when i extend time between washing

low carb regimen
my goal macros are 5% carbs, 20% protein, and 75% fat
i will weigh-in once per month on the second friday
i will publish a #fitnessfriday post at least twice per month to hold myself accountable
i will focus on working out at least once per week for an hour (no, this isn't a lot, but it's what i absolutely know i can commit to for the next six months without excuses)

starting weight:
- 0 lbs

what i want to remedy:
excess weight (duh)
inflammation and bloating
damaged gut
binge/emotional eating
allergic reactions

i will have lots of progress pictures to share as i go along (including a length check on december 19!).  wish me luck, and feel free to join in! the challenge starts on monday!

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