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#fitnessfriday | 6-month hair and body goals

can you believe that it is almost december?
2014 is almost over! i can't get over how quickly this year passed by, and i am kicking myself for being almost exactly where i was last year in terms of my weight.

i have noticed that for me, being regimented and consistent are the keys to success in pretty much all areas of my life. i am not one who can do "moderation." i am not one who can "take a break." i plan ahead and my calendar is my lifeline.

the one and only time i was successful and sustained my weight loss was when i ate a ketogenic diet, and the success stopped immediately when i decided i would try to include carbs back in "in moderation" last june - not because i really wanted them (because my sugar tooth and my carb cravings had vanished a long time before and i was happy and satisfied), but because i thought i was doing it wrong by not being "moderate." the subsequent carb cravings led me back to gulping down steroids and antihistamines because once i got back on sugar, i couldn't stay away from wheat, and i have a serious wheat allergy.
and now, i've been rewarded with the side effects - extreme bloating, random and increasingly frequent break-outs, and an overall feeling of a lack of control.

low carb ketogenic diet (march 2014) vs now (november 2014)

it is beyond embarrassing to post this because i see how close i was to goal in march - i had 5-7 pounds to go and for the first time, i felt in control of my body and my relationship with food.
well, i'm not going to do what i'm doing now anymore. i am extremely carb-sensitive, and it only takes a little bit to completely throw me into binge mode, and i'm just done.
i lost a ton of weight successfully, i tried to reincorporate sugar, and now i know for sure what works for me and that i'm just going to be one of those people who needs to stop trying to fix what isn't broken. it wasn't hard and it didn't feel restrictive at all once i got through the first two weeks, and i know that it will be a permanent lifestyle change this time around.

the same is true for my hair.
when i stuck to one regimen consistently during my transition, my hair thrived like crazy. my hair is doing fine, but i really want to improve its health, and it's hard to determine the factors affecting it when i keep changing things.

so, my hair and body goals are simple: be regimented and consistent.
from dec 1, 2014 to june 1, 2015, i will follow a low carb ketogenic diet and follow a consistent roller setting regimen.

i will resist making any changes unless i notice negative effects from my diet or regimen. i will resist joining in on new challenges, trying to crash diet, or anything else that will detract from my plan of action. it is hard for me to stick to things because i am continually researching new methods, products, and techniques, and i want to try them all on myself.
no more.

my goal is to have my hair and diet regimen completely finalized by the next #fitnessfriday so that on december 1, i will be ready to go and get things done. this is not to say that i will stop what i am doing on june 1, but i am challenging myself to stick to both for six months without wavering. i pray that i will be rewarded with a healthier body right on time for summer and healthier hair with lovelier, thicker ends that can withstand summer heat and pool and salt water.

in pursuit of:
treating my hair as my crown and glory
adopting a healthy way of eating that will heal my body


Kahleel said...

Hey Britt, I can relate to this post so much. I, like you must stick to a low carb ketogenic lifestyle. Re-introducing carbs and sugar even in moderation doesn't work for me either. I tried to do the same with dairy and that was awful as well. It's so weird how I never realized how badly any of these foods were affecting me until I stopped and then tried them again.
You can totally accomplish these goals. Success takes discipline and it isn't easy but you can. Keep praying and working hard.

S.O.S Hair said...

Thanks for being vulnerable enough to share this with us chica. I feel you about not being able to enjoy your vices in moderation. Moderation to me with cake consists of cutting a sliver---then eating the rest. *shame face* I just have to stay away. Far far far far away.

The good news is that you know exactly what worked in the past for you to get a snatched mid-section and ridiculously long hair. You got this. After all---you're totally stronger than you think!

Happy #fitnessfriday!


Maureen N said...

Good luck in the goals you have set, now you've worked out what works for you you will definitely stick and achieve your goals, i wish you the best of luck.
I too have noticed without bread I feel so much better and no bloating so this is something I have to completely eliminate, it's a working progress..


Yalanda_Meshell said...

Good luck to you! I adore your honesty!

EbonyCPrincess said...

Ya know...I was feeling a little dejected by my own lack of forward progress but after reading your post I realize its okay! Weight loss and maintenance are a lifelong commitment and we won't always be on the winning side...but as long as we still have the mindset to keep striving! Looking forward to seeing your finalized regimen for both hair and body next (like right after I read this post lol), thank you for sharing!!!!

Relaxed Thairapy said...

First step is to assess and that you've done. Now, take action. You've done it before and you will definitely do it again! Wishing you all the best...let's do this!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thanks so much, girl!
And that means a lot to me coming from you - you have been soooo consistent and you look amazing because of it! :)
I am going to get my life together!!!!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

LMAO! That cake comment got me!!!!
And I am the same way. I will eat a little piece, and before I know it, the entire (whatever it is) will be gone... smh.
I am SO done!
Thank you for your encouragement :)

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thank you so much for sending some good vibes my way!
Bread is definitely evil for me :( but if you can phase it out and/or eat it in moderation (unlike me), it will make the process easier!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thanks so much!
And I figure I may as well put it all out there and have some people to hold me accountable!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Definitely a lifetime thing! I am looking forward to getting it somewhat right this time!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thanks so much, Jay!
We can definitely hold each other accountable -- I always appreciate your comments and supportive nature!

Relaxed Thairapy said...

Girlfriend, anytime. Sisters have to stick together. It's tough out there on them streets. Food is delish. It's a struggle! My weakness is not food per se, but drink. I can drink you out of house and home of sweet tea or soda. I dropped about 10lbs several years ago when I disciplined myself on intake. For my dh, it's sweets & bread. We all have our burdens to bear.

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

This is my favorite comment!
Let's get it!!!!

Dani Faust said...

Love that you know what works well for you and know you can do it again. Go girl!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thanks, Dani!
I am super jealous of that after-Insanity pic of you!!!! I need to get like that!