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recap: naca south regional conference | myrtle beach, sc

i'm back from my unplanned blog break!
things just got so busy around here, and though i knew it was coming, when the time actually arrived, i could NOT handle it and blogging and all of the other curveballs i was thrown as well.

two weekends ago, my coworker and i headed down to myrtle beach with six of our students for a student activities conference and i could tell you about the utter ridiculousness that surrounded both getting there and coming back, but i'll spare you (although i will share with you that delta airlines is likely in cahoots with satan).

i love the beach, and even though there was so much travel drama, i still felt a good amount of peace as soon as we arrived. i don't know what it is about beach air (and sand and water!), but it's like a salve.

we had lunch on the beach at bummz cafe, and they have THE BEST fries. like seriously... the fries were amazing. i had jerk chicken tacos and every bite (and tequila sunrise sip) was magical.

later, we walked around the expo and got to meet a bunch of magicians, hypnotists, artists, and other performers vying for a chance to book a gig at our school.

one booth had this really cool device that illustrates your brain's ability to focus:

the darker the paint splots, the more focused you are. clearly, i range from zen master to chihuahua.
and one artist was really concerned about our overall health:

and while i was busily working on a huge paper that was due last thursday in my hotel room (and pouting)...

...one of my students was highly impressed with one of the musicians at the artist showcase:

before leaving, we headed to the beach, where i got a chance to get a cliche feet in the sand pic...

... and then the tsunami hit:

but my favorite part of the trip was spending time with my students in downtown myrtle beach, talking on the ferris wheel...

...and questioning the life choices of some locals who were randomly walking around in spiderman costumes and punching street signs.
no pic of that.
that was concerning.

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