- to the height of it all -


my autumn bucket list

i absolutely love autumn.
i adore the spicy aroma on the air,
the spines of the trees exposed as
the leaves lie like hands on the path guiding our way.

i haven't experienced a real autumn in a few years since i was living in houston, and i will not waste the opportunity to celebrate its arrival in beautiful blacksburg.

the autumn bucket list
pick apples to bake into a pie
go camping and hang around a fire with cool people  (wilderness adventure)
watch hocus pocus with friends
decorate pumpkins for my dorm room


Jess Buckley said...

Ahh, Hocus Pocus! Totally the best halloween movie of all time. I bought it on DVD last year and I'm so glad I did!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

I agree!!! I love, love, love that movie!
The only reason I haven't bought it is because it comes on ABC every year, but if it ever goes off the air, I will surely be buying it!

Yalanda_Meshell said...

I loved Hocus Pocus when I was a kid! Now I want to watch too!

Kate Jordan said...

Fun list! I would love to go camping this Autumn!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

That movie is amazing! And there are some serious adult jokes in there that make it timeless hahaha!