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make a habit, break a habit: one week update

don't forget to link up your goals with lauren and i! the link-up is open for the habits you want to make and break for september until wednesday at 11:55 pm!

i have to say that i am super proud of myself for totally kicking ass on part of the exercise habit i wanted to build. i have been completing my daily runs/workouts using the nike+ app, and i am super excited that i have been making legitimate progress with running faster and longer every time i log in.
unfortunately, that's pretty much the only habit at which i've been excelling.

i was really good about breaking that technology habit at first, but i found myself falling back into old patterns of bringing my computer and phone to bed, particularly on the weekend.

i am recommitting to leaving those things away from my bed! 

since my schedule changes pretty often, it is hard to make a set time to put my computer away for the day, especially because i may be pulling an all-nighter. i can, however, refuse to bring it into bed with me just like i refuse to complete schoolwork in my dorm room. the energy in my room is finally one of comfort and peace because i have chosen to separate it from my work space. i just want the energy around my bed to emanate the same!

and i totally didn't make it to yoga last week... :(. i am, however, scheduled to go thursday and i am going to make this (AND the technology thing) happen!

how are you doing on your goals?


Relaxed Thairapy said...

I've been doing really good with keeping to my workouts -- last week being the exception. I just was not in the zone. The habit I so need to break is treating myself to a Sonic Grape Slush. So many calories, but such a good, sweet treat. I treat myself a little too much.

Rachel G said...

For the past few years I've had a no technology in the bedroom rule and I feel like that helps so much--it definitely works well for me, helps me "turn off" at the right time!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

I've never had that before!
My mother gave me Dimetapp for everything growing up, so I am officially traumatized by anything grape, but I am definitely a fan of the slush!
If you decide to write a post, feel free to come on over :)

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Awesome! I need to do the same! It's such a struggle for me!

Relaxed Thairapy said...

I will definitely join in if I have something that qualifies. :0) Thanks for the invite.