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#fitnessfriday | the pre-china weigh-in

today's weigh-in after strictly following my doctor's prescribed, personal anti-candida/leaky gut diet* since sunday:

isn't my little travel scale so cute?
it makes my size 5.5 feet look godzilla-sized. now i know how all you larger specimen feel!
but beyond that, i've almost lost 10 pounds since the start of the dietbet game, and i am below my goal! the key will be keeping it off when i travel and hopefully not gaining my usual 3-5 TOM pounds.

the deets:
every morning or night, i have 1/4 tsp of bee pollen granules. i also have a tbsp or two of apple cider vinegar in warm water with or without cinnamon pretty often.
from there, i focus on getting meat (everything but beef and cured pork) and mostly green vegetables. i avoid nightshades as much as possible, though i did have some bell peppers with last night's fajitas. i've been craving and eating a lot of avocado lately, which is perfectly fine since i LOVE them!
i sometimes end the night with a cup of bamboo tea that i often cry into because i miss my nightly glass of red (i don't really cry... most times).

i can introduce other foods back in eventually, but i am focusing on healing for now, and i am willing to wait. i may never get back to daily wine again *tears*, but my doctor thinks i may be able to have a few glasses per week once I'm completely healed.

my doctor warned me that china is definitely not ideal for maintaining my diet, but that if i really focus on finding good options, i could be okay.
i plan to get most of my food on the street so that i can watch its preparation. i've seen lots of posts on chinese street food that includes meat and vegetable skewers, so those will likely be my bread and butter (ha) for the trip.

with that said, i will be mostly MIA from the blog until i return on march 17, but i will be back with lots to share!
love you all, and i will see you soon!

*my diet was prescribed particularly for me by my particular doctor. if you think you have symptoms of candida overgrowth and/or leaky gut, please seek out medical advice!

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adopting a healthy way of eating that will heal my body

how do you keep the pounds away during travel? any tips for TOM bloating?


Maureen said...

Well-done on the weightloss girl and I wish you a great Trip, cant wait to hear about it :)

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thanks, Maureen! I am super excited, so I will likely overshare!

S.O.S Hair said...

WOW! This is wonderful @Britt @ The Pinnacle Project! Obviously the changes from your doctor where exactly what you needed. I hope that you enjoy China and can stick to your changes!

Happy #FitnessFriday chica!


jillconyers said...

Awesome how well your following the plan. A healthy gut is a happy gut. Focusing on gut health was one of my best ever health decisions. Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thank you!!!! I am so excited to go tomorrow, but I will definitely have to be on the look out for healthy options!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thanks for having me! :D

EbonyCPrincess said...

Congratulations Britt! What discipline you have to be traveling and still sticking to your diet! WHOOOHOOO!

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thank you! :D