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favorites from last week

i was exhausted last week.
literally EXHAUSTED.
so much so that i found myself going to bed immediately after work or class every single night (and i have no doubts that i will likely do the same tonight!).
anyway, i have a hair post in the works for wednesday, but i decided to take time in between comas to whip up and share a few of my favorites from last week!

^ mastering the squatting toilet in the beijing airport without peeing on my shoes!
^ winning $44 in my dietbet game and making my way back into the 150s on saturday!
^ accepting a summer job offer in hong kong!
^ finding a wealth of recipe blogs for the autoimmune paleo lifestyle (AIP), which i will be following for life once this anti-candida diet ends. i am satisfied with the amount of chocolate i will be able to eat.
^ pretty much everything that was posted on everyday feminism.
^ freaks and geeks on netflix. why had no one told me about this show???? judd appatow is the man.
^ the unbreakable kimmy schmidt on netflix. yes, that's two series i watched on netflix either on the plane or in between comas. i'm not ashamed.
^ and speaking of tina fey, i finally finished bossypants!

solid life choices all around!
what were some of last week's highlights for you?

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