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happy halloween!

happy, happy, happy halloween!!!
i LOVE halloween! it is my second favorite holiday (behind Christmas, of course), and i look forward to dressing up every year!
this year, i had one costume in mind but i changed at the last minute to...

... fionna from the gender-swapped episode of adventure time with finn and jake!
i also considered louise belcher and cindy lou who, but a cohort member already had the hat for fionna and i am all for free costumes!

do you celebrate halloween? what's your costume???

ps. the make a habit, break a habit link-up is going live on monday morning! don't forget to check-in with your goals, make some new ones, and join in!


Bailey said...

Oh my gosh, I do hope you'll share some photos of your costume!!

aka Bailey

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

I didn't end up going out for Halloween because I fractured my foot and got restrained to a walking boot on Friday :(

Bailey said...

No!! Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry to hear that Britt!! Poor thing :( I hope that heals up fast for you.

Britt @ The Pinnacle Project said...

Thank you!